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On Taylor Harding Jenkins

Okay, so let’s start with the most important, why does Taylor Harding-Jenkins want to remain anonymous?
Erm… Do I need a reason for that?
Hum, there could be a reason. At least the beginning of an explanation. It is explained in the first opus of my book, “Free Expensive Lies – Prologue”, at the author’s note and disclaimer. Multiple reasons, most of which I want to keep to myself.

Is there nothing we could know about Taylor Harding-Jenkins?
Okay. So, let me think about what I could disclose. So, I live somewhere in the United Kingdom, I am in a relationship with the most beautiful woman in the world, I am a human being. Oh, yeah, I can say that I wasn’t born in the United Kingdom. And I was born somewhere between 1990 and 1999. And for those who might suspect it, no, Charlotte’s date of birth is different from mine.
What else… Oh, yeah, I am also a trans woman. This is something I could say about myself. I’ve been transitioning for a while.
My hobbies, what I do in my free time, well, I love my Xbox, I play a lot of video games. I watch a lot of films; they give me some ideas that I could exploit in my book. It may surprise you, but I don’t actually read that much, first, because I don’t have time for that, and second, the very last book that I loved was when I was twelve. So, a while ago. And I had to read it because it was for school, and YES, it was a massive PAIN because the book was just too long and too boring. Regarding contemporary writers, at least the books that are published, I don’t find anything really interesting at the moment.

Is Taylor Harding-Jenkins an idiot?

Was Taylor Harding-Jenkins born in the UK?

Is Taylor Harding-Jenkins currently alive?
Probably. Who knows? Let me check this out.

What does Taylor Harding-Jenkins look like?
A human being. As far as I’m concerned.
I mean, I have two legs, two arms, a body, a head, two eyes, a mouth, a nose, two ears, you know, just like everyone. And I’m lucky, they’re all functioning.

Is Taylor Harding-Jenkins a talented writer?
Much more talented than JK Rowling. And, unlikeher, I never disclose my opinion regarding trans people. Of course, I am, I mean, come on…

Will Taylor Harding-Jenkins ever reveal her true identity? Or what if I find her true identity?
This is something I’ve been considering. Right now, not at all. I prefer to remain hidden in the light. This is my choice, and I expect it to be respected. If you guys don’t mind.
After, if you ever find my own identity, congratulations. I mean, that would be good for you. The problem is, even though you even find it someday, I will never confirm that what you found is right.

How long has Taylor Harding-Jenkins been working on Free Expensive Lies?
Finally, an interesting question. So, I’ve been working on the Free Expensive Lies series, for now, eight years. Because, yes, I started working on the series on the 9th of January 2013. So… For those who were curious about Charlotte’s date of birth, here’s your explanation. For publishing the first opus in 2021. So, imagine the time I could have been creating. It took me about eight years to submit this to you. Eight years of creation.
I started working on Charlotte in my bedroom when I was still a teen, and now I’m settled down with my wife. And still working at least ten hours a day on it.

How long does it take to write another opus?
Well, I guess it depends. I assessed the second opus for at least two years. For instance, working on a new chapter takes me at least two to three days of work. As we need to settle the intrigue, the events, the interactions with characters and between characters, where it will take place when it will take place, how it will take place, and all that things. Believe it or not, but this is A LOT OF WORK. And a book has an average of at least forty chapters.
Usually, it takes about two months to have a script ready, nine to ten months to write and complete it, same time for reading, if not more, and then, after, the time to proof and format. That’s a lot of work.
The thing is, I still have a job to pay my bills, as I do not yet live from my passion. It’s a lot of work, a lot of hopes, and, I guess it’s like every project. With a willing heart, nothing is impossible.

Okay Taylor, so what’s the future for Charlotte Kominsky?
Charlotte and I, well, that’s such a long story. For now, I scheduled her for at least eight opuses, but there will probably be more than this. As I speak, I’m currently working on the second opus, but I also have ideas for the third opus and the fourth already.

What about music? Does Taylor Harding-Jenkins ever listen to music?
Hell yeah, I love music!
I am very eclectic on this point, I mean, I can listen to Mozart to Tupac, so I have a lot of artists that I love. Recently, I’ve been listening to a lot to Evanescence, Muse, I also fell in love with the soundtrack of the video game Little Nightmares (I mean, come on, this video game is just a masterpiece!), I also love Skyrim’s music. In Classical music, yeah, I’m more into Mozart, I love Beethoven as well.
My favourite musical genre is rock, pop/rock, and, video game soundtracks too. More recently, especially for starting to write this second opus, I’ve been listening to a lot of French variety.

What? Video games? What kind of video games?
Okay, I’m not an expert, even not a specialist on the matter, but, okay… Here’s my list. I loved Halo (Halo 1, 2, 3, Reach and ODST), I haven’t been a real fan of Halo 4 and I hated Halo 5. I love playing GTA, of course, my favourite of all time was by far San Andreas, this was just the best GTA. I played some Call of Duty, but a while ago.
I am a great fan of the Deus Ex license in different types. I played and loved all of them. Same for the old series Splinter Cell, a good old masterpiece, it’s a shame that they stopped it. More recently I have been more into “psychologic” games, such as Hellblade (a masterpiece), The Medium, I enjoyed it, and, obviously, this little masterpiece, Little Nightmares. I mean, come on, Six and Mono are just too cute! Of course, if you put aside that Six ends up eating a nome.

Hum… Okay. What about films? What are Taylor’s favourite films?
Hum, such a tough question. I think I’d better start with a list. Of course, this isn’t a full list of my favourite films in a precise order, but those are the ones I particularly loved. Okay, let’s go:
1. Fight Club (by far my favourite film…)
2. Armageddon
3. Die Hard (the series)
4. Avengers (all of them)
5. The Silence of the Lambs
6. Rocky Balboa
7. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
8. Rain Man
9. The Social Network
10. Ocean’s eleven
Okay, so at least you can frame my universe.

And TV series? Anything in there?
To be honest I watched a lot of TV series. I cannot give a precise list of the series I watched, but I loved Stranger Things, Narcos, Orphan Black, more recently I watched Continuum (it’s an old series but nice, I mean I liked it)… And it’s been a while since I didn’t have time to sit down and relax before a good TV series. I loved Grey’s Anatomy too. But, you know, I used to be young.
Oh, yeah, and, The Crown was nice too.
I don’t know if we can consider them as TV series, but I like as well The Simpsons, Disenchantment, and … South Park.

Does Taylor Harding-Jenkins watch TV?
No. I mean, recently, TV has been more depressing than any other thing, so, no.

What time does Taylor usually write?
Depends on the mood. But keep in mind that I live with my wife, so, I cannot work at night. However, before sleeping, when I close my eyes, I usually start working on the scene I’m gonna be doing next. It helps me.

Any other hobbies?
Yeah, shopping, make-up, you know, all the girly stuff.

What does Taylor do for a living?
Yes, I’m also the assistant manager of a coffee shop in Central London now. I mean, assistant manager, now I’m more of a manager there, but they are training me to go to management, which is a lot of responsibilities but I freaking love this. At least it pays my rent and helps me to save a bit of money. Unfortunately, Charlotte takes me a lot of my time and therefore I cannot work more than thirty hours a week. It’s like a big part-time. And it’s going to help me refund my loan.

So, Taylor Harding-Jenkins… Any favourite destination you would love to spend your holidays with?
Believe it or not, I love lakes and nature. I’m curious about the great lake region in the US, and I’d like to visit the Great Slave Lake and the Great Bear Lake in the Northwest Territories, Canada. Globally I love the north, what’s on the north of the globe, so… Yes. I guess this is the trip I’d want to do.

Does Taylor Harding-Jenkins love animals?
OMG, yes! I love dogs, I wish I’d adopt a German shepherd. I grew up with one of them and they are certainly the kindest dogs I’ve ever met. And I used to have Amadeus, my guinea pig. Who died a few years ago.

Does Taylor Harding-Jenkins suffer from any mental illness?
Yes. I passed through PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) three years ago and it ended up in a severe depression, that I am now treating with citalopram. I’m looking forward to feeling better in the future. As depression is a terrible disease and… It poisons your life.

If Taylor Harding-Jenkins were as rich as Charlotte, what would she do?
Good question. First, buy a house in a remote place. Buying a horse for my wife, or even sponsoring her dream to open a riding centre. But I think I would pass my plane license, as I am fascinated by places. Oh, yeah, and also passing RIGHT NOW my pilot licence.

Does Taylor have any school degree?
Oh, no, what a mean question… I am obviously as dumb as a doorknob.

If Taylor Harding-Jenkins were a person in history, who would she be?
Hum… hum… I don’t know. A mix between Napoleon Bonaparte, Anne Boleyn and Catherine II of Russia.

And what about piloting? You said you were also a pilot in training on the homepage of your website?
Oh, yes. Basically, I want to pass my Private Pilot Licence by the end of the year. It’s long, as I will be flying on a Cessna 152, but I aim to actually grow. I mean, I love this little bird, but yet I want to go to the Commercial Pilot Licence. What I want is, before I turn 30, to be in the commands of a 320 or a 737. Now I’ll pass my trial flight soon, and I’m going to pass my licence by October/November (2022), and, well, let’s see how it goes. But, I love planes, I mean, this is also the other thing that hypes me. Yet I still have my mandatory 45 hours of flights to do, so… I can’t wait to get that licence!

Okay Taylor, thank you for your interview. We appreciate this time with us. Please come back anytime!
Anytime. My pleasure. Take care my darling!
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