He Fell from Venus


My name is Taylor. But it’s been my name only for the past three years.

Before, I used to be a random guy. I was still writing stories to kill the time, I was still attracted to women, you know, it was a normal life. I just had a big problem: a massive depression. It was pretty much the little stone in my shoe that prevented me to walk correctly. The problem with this depression was, it was caused by a reason I could never tell anyone. Because it was too big. Because it was just a truth that I couldn’t say, words that I could never pronounce. A melancholia that I couldn't fight, because, its cause was very simple:

“Mum, I want to become a woman”

Book specifications:

  • Written in English

  • Word count: 60,000 words

  • Available in ebook through our shop, kindle and paperback

  • ISBN: 9780463767740

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