Free Expensive Lies (The series)

Once upon a time, in Paris, was living a girl named Charlotte Kominsky. Everybody thought that, besides her beautiful blue eyes, her fabulous silhouette, her long blonde hair, she was a lovely girl. But they were all wrong. No, Charlotte is evil, misanthropic, selfish and has only respect for herself... Oh, and, obviously, not to mention her special skill: given the fact that she has a photographic memory, it helped her to developed her skills in psychology, and as a result of this, she became a master manipulator.

Until that day. Her ex-girlfriend, with whom she broke up for the past few months now, changed. So, people change, indeed, but Claire, no, she didn't change in a good way. There was something definitely wrong with her. Of course, as long as it didn't affect her life, Charlotte just ignored it, after all, SHE decided to break up with her, so SHE sorts out her own mess. Indeed, Charlotte managed to mend all the broken pieces, go through everything, yet it wasn't easy, but she tries to forget. Of course, this was, until... Someone tells her that Claire accidentally fell into a sex-trafficking ring, and, now, more than ever, she needs her help.

Act 1



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What if someone blackmailed you...

Once upon a time, in a suburb of Paris, was living a girl named Charlotte. She was just a regular girl, with a “boring life” as she said, she had a boyfriend and lived with her mother, and, she had the chance to have a certain wealth, she inherited a lot of money recently. But Charlotte is different: she’s openly selfish and narcissistic, doesn’t care about any other people as long as they serve her interests, is cynical, sarcastic and loves only one thing above all, loneliness. A couple of years ago, she has been diagnosed as a narcissistic psychopath. To summarise the thing, we could say that throughout the years, Charlotte has somewhat developed a severe allergy to humankind.

Although her life seemed fantastic, living between her loving mother and her boyfriend, having a comfortable financial situation that made that, technically, she didn’t need to work for her entire life, there was still something missing. Or, should I say, someone, missing.

Three months ago, she broke up with Claire, her ex-girlfriend and also her schoolmate. Since the pair has been in a relationship for the past seven years, and since they almost discovered everything together, the breakup was harsh, and she did her best to mend broken pieces together as quick as possible. Yeah, this Claire was everything to her, from her confidence to her girlfriend, to her “partner in crime” and having lost her was challenging. They were like a team together, it was almost them against the world, Claire was the only person in the world whom she fully trusted, she was a kind of a guiding light in a dark and dangerous world where everybody is considered a potential threat. The thing is, three months ago, Claire cheated on her, after they had an argument. She wanted to forgive, but the relationship collapsed a week after.

So, weeks after that, Charlotte met Florent, her current boyfriend, and… The thing is, he’s a nice guy, he is cool, but… he is not Claire. They have nothing in common, they are much too different, but at least when she comes back home after school, there’s someone home so she does not feel alone and too depressed. So, she could be happy, but Claire’s shadow is never too far away.

Since the two of them are still at school together and Claire wants Charlotte to become “her best friend” whilst displaying phoney happiness, Charlotte observed that in the past three months, Claire dramatically changed: although they were relatively introverted when together, her ex-girlfriend is now totally extravert, has her name frequently associated in nasty gossips in their College and, from what people say, she always sleeps with a different person every night. There is no proof that this is true, but since Claire has become the new best friend of Kelly, who has the reputation for being a prostitute, and seems to be under an almost total influence, Charlotte tends to believe that this is true, even though she has no proofs. However, one thing remains curious: Claire keeps on showing phoney happiness and keeps on lying to Charlotte, although… she always promised her to tell the truth. So, someone forces her to lie. Why?

But, you know, curiosity killed the cat. And Charlotte wants to know what’s going on with Claire. Whatever the cost. She has the conviction that something is going on with her ex, and there’s nothing to convince her otherwise. And it turns out that today is a good opportunity; she’s eighteen. Claire will call her, and they’ll do something, that’s sure. Will she be ready to unravel Claire’s darkest secrets?





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  • Integral version published on February 28, 2021 and Highlights version published on May 1, 2022

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Act II