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Bestselling author of two globally critically-acclaimed bestsellers, Taylor Harding Jenkins is a British anonymous writer. She is the author of Free Expensive Lies (the series), a psychological thriller based on the story of a master manipulator, as well as He Fell from Venus, a novella based on her journey as a trans woman. Among others, Taylor is also a pilot in training, (used to) run half-marathons and loves video games. 


She used to be an open book...


There could be a lot to say about Taylor, but unfortunately, most of the details are undisclosed.

Due to the fact that in 2018, Taylor has been targeted by a bullying campaign in France following her coming out as a trans woman, she prefers remaining anonymous at the moment. Perhaps one day, she will formally introduce herself, but for now, concerned for her own safety, she wants to remain anonymous.

All we can disclose for now about her is that, she was born in France, she currently lives in London, United Kingdom, and she is the author of Free Expensive Lies and He Fell from Venus. Besides her writing activity, Taylor also enjoys walking, running, playing video games, as well as piloting planes; she will pass her Private Pilot License by the end of this year.

In this website, you will find everything about Taylor. From her blog that she updates from times to times, some news about her, how to contact her, as well as her news and calendar. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

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    Sun, 01 Jan
    On the website - section Publication
    01 Jan 2023, 22:00
    On the website - section Publication
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